Full 1125 sq. ft. House Renovation in Atlanta, GA

We will need permits for deck and cosmetic


-Front Door Replaced
-Brick Step Created
-Wood Mail Box Created


-Grass cut

-Grass Scraped or reseeded (front and back)
-Weeds and vines pulled off of the house
-Deck and Fence (Added)

Demo Interior

-Demo of the interior of the house (Bathrooms, Interior Kitchen Wall, Floors, Kitchen, Steps, Bathrooms, Remove old Fans) (Possibly open the kitchen wall to add desk), Rip Down Moldy Walls


-Replace Doors
-Replace interior plastic window
-Replace Hardwood Floors
-Install Kitchen
-Re-do steps
-Add Baluster
-Tile in kitchen and bathrooms
-Waterproofing the house and the . . .

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