Basketball Court Construction in Atlanta GA

Payton Rd, Atlanta GA

For this job, we are seeking:

  • Grading (Sand Removal/Dirt Added)
  • Retaining Walls
  • Shed/Fence Removal & Replacement (to get to job area)
  • Asphalt Basketball Court (~ 28′ x 45′)

Please view the video below to see the area for the basketball court installation.  Make note that in the video I mention either dropping the elevation completely or raising it completely.  The difference in elevation is from 12″ to 3’8″.  After some thought, we feel it would be best to “meet in the middle and cut the 3’8″ area down to 28″ and to elevate the 12″ area up to 28”.  Also, we want the retaining walls to be similar to the pool wall and we will need one at both of the ~28′ sides.

​IF YOU WISH TO BID ON ALL OR A PORTION OF THE JOB SEGMENTS, COMPLETE THE BID SUBMISSION FORM BELOW THE VIDEO TO SUBMIT YOUR BID.  From our perspective, the more job segments you can provide, the better for us.  We’d like to streamline the work as best possible.

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