Top 6 Tech Trends within the Construction Industry

Technology has grown in leaps and bounds through almost every industry, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised to see it making such an impact within the construction field.  While technology can be a hassle on occasion, most of the time, it can help improve the work that is being completed and allows workers like yourself to accomplish more throughout every day without being totally stressed out for twelve to fourteen hours straight.

Here are the top 6 tech trends within the construction industry:

1. Utilizing Drones

Drones are one of the best tech trends that we are currently seeing within the construction industry and this trend is saving time and money, while also keeping workers like yourself safe.  Instead of needing to climb up to the roof of the building that you are working on, you can simply send the drone up to take photographs and videos of everything that you need.  You can see the information being transmitted in real time, which means that if you see a problem, you can investigate further right away.  That means that you will not need to attempt to find that same issue again later on.  Imagine, doing a survey of a roof or a lot of land with a drone in less than a quarter of the time than it would normally take you.  Plus, think of what you can do with all that time that you save!


2.Utilizing Virtual Reality


Drones may save you time, while keeping you safe, but virtual reality will really change your life.  While this is a fairly pricey tech trend within the construction industry, the results that you will see from it are amazing.  Imagine being able to immerse yourself into your drawings of a building, so that you can virtually walk through the building.  With this technology, you will instantly see when pipes or wiring are not going to work where you think that they will and when a wall or countertop and cabinets are in the wrong places.  This technology is an excellent way to prevent problems from arising because you can catch issues before you start the project.  That means that virtual reality can save you time and money while delivering a perfect project every time.


3. Utilizing Mobile Devices


Over the years, many different computer software programs have been designed for the construction industry.  However, not many of them were compatible with mobile devices.  The newer programs are going to change the future because they will allow you to access items on your mobile device and from the cloud, even if you are not at the job site or in your office.  Imagine having daily field reports, documents, job cost reports, customer information, and schedules at your fingertips whenever you need them.  You won’t keep people waiting for the information that is needed or need to drive to where the information is, essentially wasting your own time.


4. Increased Use of Smart Safety Equipment


Accidents can happen on a job site more often than anyone would like, which is why we think that one of the best tech trends is smart safety equipment.  While you may not want to have an accident when you are working, wouldn’t you love knowing that what you are wearing can help save your life?  New work boots are available, and they connect to Wi-Fi and can send out GPS signals if they believe that the wearer has fallen or is simply just tired.  With these work boots, you no longer need to worry about working away from anyone else and having an accident.  Somebody will be notified immediately, and you will have help before you know it.  Overheating is another issue on the job site, which is why technology is being utilized to create moisture wicking materials that can cool you down much quicker on those hotter days of the year.  Cooling vests are also getting to be less bulky and cumbersome, which means that you won’t throw a fit when it is time to wear them.


5. Utilizing BIM


BIM, or building information modeling, is a step below virtual reality, but you will want to consider using it until you can activate VR into your business practices.  The BIM will create a computer model of the entire building you are constructing and show how all the materials that you choose will hold up over time.  While you may still find potential issues with items being in the wrong location, you can solve many problems before you begin the construction process.  The good news with this tech trend is that the owners of the buildings you work on can easily create maintenance schedules using the information that they receive through the BIM.


6. Utilize BIGapp


BIGapp is one of the newest tech trends within the construction industry and it was designed to help both construction workers and the homeowners and business owners.  Anyone who is looking for a skilled construction worker or contractor can easily use this app to see reviews of the workers.  This will ensure that they are only working with those who excel in their field instead of some run of the mill person who is out to make a quick buck.  The best part about this app though is that construction workers and crews can easily use it to find jobs that are available in their area.  This will cut down on a lot of the construction worker shortage, especially when those who have the necessary skills realize that more work is available than they originally thought.  There is never going to be a shortage of homeowners and business owners looking for contractors and there will never be a contractor or construction worker who is never looking for a job.  This app solves both problems while making it easy for everyone to access the information that they need through a simple to use the app on their mobile device.


These are six of the top tech trends that you will be seeing in the construction industry now and in the very near future.  Of course, since technology continuously changes, don’t get used to these trends too much.  There are bigger and better things on the horizon, and you will need to keep up with them all!

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